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Green Screen


Shooting against a properly set up green screen enables us to extract the subject and place it on a diferent background. This could be a photo of a different place, a video of somewhere else or a completely computer generated environment.

Video Interviews

Need to interview a senior executive? Maybe you write notes but you can't decipher them back at the office. Or, maybe you use a dictaphone but can't hear due to the poor quality. Even if you can there is something that gets lost in the translation - body language, facial expression, the environment.

Video the interview and you have all the information as if you were there. Edit to suit your needs, adding graphics, music and titles. Deliver it on Blu-Ray, DVD, memory stick, the web or insert it into a PowerPoint presentation.

Conference/Event Filming

If you organise conferences or events, you’ll know they take a lot of time effort and investment. Maybe some people could not attend or maybe you want to recall what exactly the MD said on stage. We can not only film all the sessions but produce a summary video for the whole event.

Same day edit - I shoot on an entirely tapeless system. Getting the footage from camera to computer is fast, so fast I can shoot things during the morning and edit a video while the attendees are having lunch and play it in the afternoon session. Alternatively, if it’s more than a day I can edit the evening before the end of the event and playback the final morning.

About Us Videos

The phrase ‘corporate video’ conjures up an eighties cliché of cheesy businessmen, hard hitting ‘power’ music and lots of fake smiles. We’ve come a long way since then and videos are used for much more than being played constantly in a reception area.

There is a convergence between corporate video and other forms of media communications, and the equipment I use is the same spec for both broadcast and corporate videos.

Remote Presentations

By setting up a portable green screen on location or in the studio, it's possible to give a presentation where the viewer can see the slides and the presenter at the same time. This is a great way to reach a large audience by sending them the finished video presentation on Blu-ray, memory stick, DVD, or online.

The presenter would give his presentation to camera using his powerpoint slides for support. Then we can generate a false backdrop using the slides, adding graphics and titles needed.

“Sorry I can’t be there” Videos

It’s sometimes hard to balance a busy work and home life and we can’t always be at that important conference or meeting.

But you can still contribute to the event by recording a message to camera. Even have some fun using green screen.

Mood Films

Making sure everyone is in the right frame of mind for a meeting or conference is key to getting your point across.

Sometimes we can be so close to the product or sevices we offer that we lose sight of how those products and services affect peoples’ lives. Just as TV advertising sends out happy images of people enjoying their products, so too can you remind colleagues of the joy your products bring to people.

Studio facilities

white out setup

Our studio facilities offer ultimate control over the look and quality of any piece to camera.

white out setup

High-Key White

white out setupmodel

High-key white background videos are contemporary and look great inside presentations.
The background is overexposed so it is completely white. The viewer has no background distractions so they concentrate completely on the subject.

white out setup
white out setup
white out setup
white out setup