Lucky Horse iPhone App

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The random number generator to help you pick a winner!

Got to go horse racing but know nothing about it? Lucky Horse is here to help you pick a winner. Put your trust in the Lucky Horse and he'll come up with a random number for you. OK, it might not win but it's saved you the stress of deciding, right?

If you're feeling extra lucky go for a forecast or tricast to generate two and three random numbers all at once. Hope you enjoy and good luck!

Why I made this app

I had to go horse racing one day with others that knew what they were doing. My strategy was to just pick random numbers and being too lazy to even do that I decided to use a random number generating website. This did the job but was fiddly to set up the maximum number and slow over 3G on my iPhone. Also this is my first app and thought it would be easy to do. A simple as it seems, I did learn a lot about xCode, Objective-C and the App store submission process. Now I'm ready for something more complicated, so watch this space. Thanks for everyone who downloaded.

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