Interactive Games
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Interactive Presentations

Using powerful software for building presentations or applications instead of PowerPoint, we can go way beyond what is achievable with PowerPoint. As well as corporate presentations, other applications are touch-screen kiosks, and content delivery for large format displays.

Website Design

I produce CSS based sites but we know that a good website is more than aesthetics. I code the site in a way that is friendly to search engines, fast to load, and compatible with the widest range of browsers. As well as producing the whole site, I can of course produce content such as banner ads, interactive features and online video.

Data Capture Systems

A data capture system can be as simple as a record of contact details kept from a contact us page to a survey that people are invited to take. As well as storing the data captured we can write reporting and searching tools that present only the data you need or present it in a certain way.

Login Systems

A login system may be used to limit access to areas of a site, or track who goes when and where. Users could have different levels of access and be shown different content accordingly. For example an administrator-level user may be able to see everything as well as create or delete other users.

Content Management

There are various ways to make editing a site possible by the owner, without any knowledge of programming. I would usually create a ‘admin area’ of the site where the user will login and choose a task. This maybe to add a news article, or a product to a database. The user can fill out a simple form to modify, add or delete the data. Once the form is submitted the change is visible to the rest of the world.

Flash Animations & Games

Flash content is a great addition to a website. It has become the most used method of getting video on a site. It can be used to produce very small animations with sound and interactivity. It’s a great choice for producing online training and interactive games.

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