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I'm a freelance new media designer based in Leicester. I do a mix of video production, motion graphics, 3D and online content. I work across many businesses and industries.

Although I've tried to itemise the diferent types of work I do below, most projects use a mix of all these things.

Motion Graphics

As well as using motion graphics within video productions, I do a lot of pure motion graphics based films - usually to showcase client products or services. These may start life as a powerpoint file that I bring to life and turn into an animated film. Applications for these productions could be to fill large format screens at a trade show or maybe help with a pitch to showcase a business or product. I use Apple's Motion software for motion graphics but I can also use After Effects if the need arises.


I've been shooting video for about 10 years. I've gone from MiniDV to HDV to DVCPRO to AVCHD. Although the cameras and formats are ever changing, the principles of shooting video don't. I've experimented over the past year with shooting on a DSLR. This process was very worthwhile as it makes you re-think the way you do everything. From August I'll be evolving again when I get my Black Magic Cinema Camera. This camera was revealed at NAB this year and is going to really shake up independent film making. Can't wait.

As well as shooting video, I can of course edit. I've stuck with Final Cut Pro for now which I would be completely happy with if they gave us Motion “Round-tripping” back.

3D Visualisation and Animation

I rely heavily on 3D for many motion graphics projects as well as explore other technologies such as real-time 3D for use in games and apps.

I also do character animation and product visualisations. I've invested in a small motion capture setup that helps me use real motion performances on 3D characters. This is a real time-saver on larger Character animations. Also last year I invested in a 3D laser scanner, which quickly digitises real-world objects.

My 3D software of choice is Lightwave which I've been using for the last 15 years or so.

Flash / Actionscript Development

I'm an experienced Actionscript 3 developer and have produced many games, apps and online content with Flash.

iOS Development

This year I've done my first iPhone app "Lucky Horse". A very simple app but it's got me on my way and this is an area I hope to get more into in the future.


I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. I've produced lots of websites and website content.

Real-time 3d
Real-time 3d