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Lightwave render farm

To speed up production I've build a small render farm meaning i can render things much faster than i could on my primary workstation and still use that to work while rendering.

Real-time 3D for business use

Unlike normal 3D animations, real-time 3D means no rendering, every frame you see is rendered as you see it directly from the 3D data. This means your animation doesn't have to stick to a linear path, in-fact you can even explore the 3D environment by walking around it. You can still use pre-defined paths for cameras to do create fly-throughs but again, no rendering!

3D Visualisation

I've been producing high end 3D visualisations for over 10 years. Everything from fake product shots to life-like characters, building interiors to city scenes.

Maybe you manufacture a product, you have the artwork ready but the product doesn’t exist yet and you need a product shot for marketing purposes. Or perhaps you wish to put the product in an impossible situation or environment - something that can’t be photographed.

Motion Graphics

Although not exclusively 3D, motion graphics often utilise 3D and and can be used in presentations, videos or animations. Typically motion graphics are:

  • Creative moving type
  • Visual dynamics
  • Section dividers for videos
  • Introduction sequences
  • Idents

Information Graphics

Information graphics is the art of displaying data driven information with the emphasis on clear communication as well as aesthetic appeal. Information graphics include:

  • Graphs and charts
  • Visual representation of data
  • Animated maps
  • Animated workflow diagrams

Character Animation

To animate a character a skeletal structure has to be applied to a wireframe model of a character. This structure can use goals to help automate the most daunting of animation tasks. For example moving a foot may require the hip, thigh and lower leg to me manipulated. Using a this skeleton, many of these individual elements can be controlled by one object thus reducing the time to set up and animate.

POS 3D Prototyping

Medical Illustration


Information Graphics

3D Prototyping

Product Visualisation

Information Graphics

Geographical 3D Illustration