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I'm a freelance new media designer based in Leicester. I specialise in motion graphics and animation with strong 3D skills. I work across many businesses and industries.

Although I've tried to itemise the diferent types of work I do below, most projects use a mix of all these things.

Motion Graphics

As well as using motion graphics within video productions, I do a lot of pure motion graphics based films - usually to showcase client products or services. These may start life as a powerpoint file that I bring to life and turn into an animated film. Applications for these productions could be to fill large format screens at a trade show or maybe help with a pitch to showcase a business or product.


I've been shooting video for about 15 years.

As well as shooting video, I can of course edit. I edit in Final Cut Pro and use Motion for most graphics and titles.

3D Visualisation and Animation

I rely heavily on 3D for many motion graphics projects. I specialise in Lightwave and have my own render farm to meet those tight deadlines. I am also learning Blender.

I also do character animation and product visualisations. I have a motion capture suit for capturing performances and retargeting to 3D characters. This is a real time-saver on larger Character animations.

Real-time 3d
Real-time 3d